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December 2023- End of Year Update

| December 01, 2023

Welcome to December!  This is the last month of 2023 and you're probably busy with chores, visiting family and friends, as well as maybe some holiday shopping, preparation and decorating.  Throw in work commitments, children, aging parents, and anything else life is bringing to your table at this moment and life is probably very busy. 

We at Excel Wealth Management want to help you remember to think--- organization.  With a good system, you can get through this hectic month and feel successful at the end of this year.  Because it's also time to begin organizing your financial house.  Do you have a system?  Do you have your statements (paper or electronic) organized?  Are you thinking about how to prepare to file your 2023 taxes?  Are you in need of documents for year end? Do you have end of year distributions or contributions? 

Myself and the team at EWM are happy to work with you to answer questions about your financial future.  Just reach out to us, so we can work together to ensure you have a successful year in 2023 and beyond!